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Festive Efficiency

Festive Efficiency

It’s almost time to leave uni and go home for Christmas (yay!) but it’s important to remember your room is still there even if you’re not, and it could be using up energy and electricity while you’re away. So, before your dreams of mince pies and presents send you running out the door on the last day of term, remember to take these measures to make sure you stay efficient during the holidays.

Unplug all appliances.

Appliances still use energy when they are plugged in but turned off. Even appliances such as your alarm clock and the kettle waste energy if they’re left plugged in. Or, better yet…

...Turn off all sockets.

Make sure you go round and switch off all your sockets as well as unplugging appliances to ensure no energy is wasted through them.

Turn off your radiator.

If you’re able to, turn the temperature of your radiator right down, or off, to save energy. There’s no need to keep the temperature of your room high while no-one is there; when you return to uni and turn your radiator on you’ll be able to reach your desired temperature quickly enough without pre-heating!

Pull your curtains.

This is especially important during the winter months! If you leave your curtains pulled when you leave for Christmas they’ll act as a barrier against those nippy winter nights, and will keep your room somewhat insulated.

Increase the temperature of your fridge and freezer, or unplug them completely.

This may seem like a lot more effort than it’s worth, but you can save huge amounts of electricity by turning up the temperature of your fridge and freezer. A typical fridge should be between 3C and 5C, and freezers either -18C or -19C. If this is any lower it is a waste of energy. You can save even more energy if you unplug the fridge/ freezer completely. HOWEVER, if you do this, make sure all the perishable food is thrown away and the fridge/ freezer is thoroughly cleaned first, otherwise you’ll return to a nasty surprise in January!

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