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Global Warming brings more storms!

Global Warming brings more storms!

In the wake of Storm Ophelia, which killed 3 people and left hundreds of thousands without power, experts have warned that further severe weather could be on its way, as climate change kicks in.

The storm, which barrelled towards Europe as a category three hurricane, weakened off 300 miles off the coast of Britain and inflicted winds off up to 119 mph on Ireland. Ophelia set records for the furthest east a hurricane has ever been observed and these recordings could set to increase over the years as climate change causes more and more natural disasters across the plant, as we documented in a recent post.

‘There is evidence that hurricane-force storms hitting the UK, like Ophelia, will be enhanced in the future due to human-induced climate change’ said Dr Dann Mitchell, a research fellow studying global and regional climate Change at the University of Bristol.

He called Ophelia ‘a very interesting‘ storm because it formed in the tropics and moved north. ‘It was already quite rare.’

Dr Mitchell, who is researching climate change over the past century and next 100 years, added ‘We’re not going to see sudden dramatic change in storms. We may see some change at some point.’

Martin Bowles from the Met Office said ‘We have had situations where tropical hurricanes have come fairly close, but not very often.’

‘Climate change could make hurricanes more frequent further north’ but adds that there is much more variation which can affect the hurricane’s path and development.

This blog was inspired by a recent post in the Evening Standard. Click here to read the article in full.