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A bumper year for TSEP!

A bumper year for TSEP!

We recently published a survey asking you all to rate your year with TSEP. And well, the results are in!

Typically students have been a hard market to target with regards to energy reduction, but what we do here at TSEP is combine education with incentive based programmes which engage the student, without patronising or preaching (no-one likes a wagging finger)

Over the past academic year, we've run competitions across social media, posted loads of brilliant job and volunteer opportunities on our website (link) and utilised reps within the student halls to help promote the project. Our reps last year were amazing at drumming up support and sign-ups and engaging with their peers on a personal level. This is something we'll be running again next year, along with extra involvement from halls wardens, a new project which we're really excited about.

By getting to the core of what students really need and want, we were able to reduce energy consumption in 2016, something we're really proud of.

On to the stats! Over half of our students answered that their main interest for joining the project was 'to earn rewards', which shows the success of our incentives. Nearly a third of students signed up did so to 'make a positive impact on the environment'. Climate change is and will always be a hot topic and with more and more young people engaging with politics, we aim to see this figure rise over time.

We were so pleased to find that 69% of our students said they would recommend the project to a friend! Not only that, but a staggering 69% of those who completed the survey said that they are more conscious of the energy they use and will aim to reduce their consumption for years to come! Sustainability and reducing student energy consumption are the pillars of The Student Energy Project so we're pleased to see such a high figure here. What's even more exciting is that overall the electricity saved on a project level was 7.5% with an amazing 4% saved on gas too!

As the project develops and for the next academic year in particular we want to see more students joining us in reducing their energy and earning some wicked rewards! To help along the way, we'll be posting monthly competitions across our social media, handy hints and tips on how to save energy and blog posts about all things student energy!

If you have any questions about our recent survey, or about how you can get involved with the project as a student, or as a residency, then click here