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Schools out for the summer!

Schools out for the summer!

OK, not quite. We know some of you might still have exams but the end is definitely insight. With the summer fast approaching it means lots of you will be winding down, packing up and collecting your TSEP points!

You're probably sick of hearing 'What you doing this summer?' and we're guessing you'll want to chill a bit once you've finished your last exams (and let off some steam). How about heading out to New Zealand or Australia after that though? Sounds amazing right!

We've got loads of cool voluntary positions advertised on our site including Ethical Conservation Positions in Auckland and Melbourne courtesy of Frontier .

Or for those looking for something a bit closer to home the RSPB are looking for a Swift & Urban Nature Advisory in London!

To check out our full list of amazing opportunities CLICK HERE

Happy Summer guys! See you all next year x