Student Energy Blog



As the time to claim TSEP rewards draws ever closer, it’s time to really push for a reduction of your energy consumption. Being energy efficient may seem like an arduous task that requires lots of thought, but it’s much easier than you might think to be an efficient student. Many of you probably already do a number of things listed here, but we bet you haven’t changed your fridge temperature recently! Simple things like this mean you only have to change something once, and you will be more efficient every day.

In your room

Don't leave your TV on standby Make sure you switch off your TV when you're not using it - at the plug if possible!

Don't charge your phone overnight Thought it's a habit for most people (we've just asked around the office and most people said yes!) to stick their phone on charge while they sleep, this actually wastes a lot of energy as your phone is fully charged after about two hours.

Open your curtains Make use of natural light by opening your curtains, though difficult in winter - only use artificial lights when it begins to get dark outside.

Switch off lights When you leave your room, make sure you switch the light off. Even if you're just popping to the kitchen to get snacks.

Keep an eye on your radiator temperature If you can, change your radiator so that it isn’t on full constantly. Turn it off if you are going out, or turn the temperature down and opt for layers, warm slippers and a hot water bottle!

In your flat

Ask around for who wants a cuppa Something that can be taken into the work place, is making a round of hot drinks rather than just one for yourself (you'll also make a lot of friends this way!).

Check your fridge and freezer temperatures Set your fridge and freezer to the temperature they require to function well; there is no need for them to be colder, it just wastes more energy!

Shower, not bath By showering instead of having baths you will save a huge amount of water. Better yet - chuck a timer in there and keep everyone to a 5-10 minute shower.

Come dine with me! Cooking one meal for the whole flat saves loads of energy compared to everyone cooking their own meals - especially if everyone is using the oven.

Recycle Make sure everyone in your flat recycles. It takes far less energy to make a product using recycled materials compared to creating new materials to make a product. This means you’re being more efficient in the long run!

In the big wide world (or, just outside)

Public Transport Make sure you use public transport or walk instead of getting taxi’s unnecessary. We’ve all been there when a taxi to campus for your 9am lecture is calling, but don’t give in to temptation!

If someone drives - car share! Alternatively, if you know someone who drives (or it’s you), car share for things like lectures, seminars and shopping.

Use bags for life Use canvas bags or bags for life when you do your shopping- not just food shopping, but clothes or present shopping, too.

Walk to the shop instead of home delivery It’s much more efficient to walk to the shop than to get a home delivery. But lugging milk, washing powder, toilet roll and cartons of juice a couple of miles isn’t always an option! If you do use home delivery, make sure you combine orders with your flat mates instead of each individually ordering.

Buy locally If you’re able to, buy from a local green grocers or farmers market, and buy in season produce. This is better for the environment as locally sourced produce reduces transport distance, making it far more efficient!