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Time is Money - Peak and Off-Peak Electricity Times

Time is Money - Peak and Off-Peak Electricity Times

Did you know there are peak and off-peak electricity times? What that means is that depending on your tariff, it could cost you less if you used electricity at certain times.

According to SSE their standard off-peak times are between 12am and 7am. Our TSEP top tip is to use appliances which are less energy efficient during these hours. Schedule your big weekly wash to be done in the small hours, turn your dishwasher to eco and let it do its thing while you sleep and invest in a slow cooker which could be simmering away over night.

Peak times. Uk power demand typically peaks in the early evenings (especially on cold winter weekdays.) so avoid using energy draining appliances between 4pm and 7pm. The typical household devices which cost the most to run are your trusty kettle and the tumble dryer so avoid using these too much during peak times.

To find out your regional peak and off-peak times, check out this handy thread on